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Indiana University

Nationally Recognized

The Indiana Business Research Center is a leader in research, data and analysis focused on economic, demographic, industry and education information.

Serving Indiana Since 1925

The IBRC provides the economic information needed by Indiana's businesses, governments and nonprofit organizations, as well as users of such information throughout the nation.

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Your Database Portal

The IBRC maintains vast databases covering numerous topics such as income, employment, taxes, industry sectors, education, demographics and a host of other indicators.

At Your Service

The Center conducts original research to generate information when existing data are insufficient. Through the intersection of collection and analysis, we are able to provide the necessary insights to our users.

Powerful Results

The IBRC's work forms the foundation of countless decisions made throughout the state every year. While data may not be exciting to most people, the results they produce can be.

Online Publications


Business Outlook Panel Begins

The Kelley School of Business will present its national, state and local forecasts in cities across the state this November. Don't miss what local experts are predicting for the 2016 economy. Find an event near you »

Indiana's Housing Market: Back on Track

The state reached several milestones in 2015, with home prices now higher than before the recession and foreclosures at their lowest point in 14 years. View report »

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