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Spring 2007

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Mixed Messages in Compensation per Job
By Morton J. Marcus

Key Aspects of Per Capita Personal Income
By Matt Kinghorn

Median Family Income in 2005

From the Editors

Money: we all need it. And just as there are numerous ways to earn it, there are multiple ways to measure it. This issue of the Indiana Business Review explores a few of of those ways.

Morton Marcus measures what employers pay workers directly through salaries and wages and indirectly with pensions and insurance. But there is more to income than earning it, as Matt Kinghorn analyzes the individual components of our personal income and what these figures mean for Indiana. Income’s largest share comes from work earnings but many of us also receive income in the form of transfer payments such as Social Security checks and, for a considerable few of us, investment income. Rounding out this issue is a one-page graphical comparison of median family income for those with one wage-earner versus two wage-earners using data collected from the American Community Survey.