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Executive Editor, Carol O. Rogers
Managing Editor, Brittany L. Hotchkiss

Summer 2006

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Density: How Concentrated is Our Population?
By Morton J. Marcus

Proximity Matters: Close, but Not Too Close
By Carol O. Rogers

Indiana's Twenty Fastest Growing Cities and Towns

Indiana's Township Population Change

A Note from the Editor

Knowing how many people live in an area is critical to all aspects of government and commerce, since all decisions are ultimately based on how many people will go to school, buy groceries, start a business, use a government service, etc. Thus, population density is a critical issue since the concentration of people is both a cause and effect. How close people live in proximity to larger urban areas but without living within an incorporated city or town is a notable trend that is escalating in certain parts of Indiana, as well as other parts of the nation.

The IBRC has tracked and analyzed changes in the population of Indiana’s counties, cities, and towns for the state and its citizens for many decades through a number of official federal and state programs and offices. A multitude of business, government, and nonprofit agencies throughout the state rely on this research. This issue highlights some of that ongoing work.
—Carol O. Rogers