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Spring 2004

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Letting It Ride on Indiana's Technology Belt
By Jennifer A. Kurtz

Exodus to Suburbia Continues, but a Little Slower
By Vincent B. Thompson

The Mind of the Indiana CEO: Views on Emerging Business Issues
By Daniel Rutledge and Derek Bjonback

I-69 Corridor in Southwest Indiana Receives Federal Approval

For the Record

I-69 is in the news and we provide a one-page glimpse of the corridor and the counties it will directly affect. But within these pages, we are also looking at the existing I-69 corridor. Thanks to an insightful and informative piece by Jennifer Kurtz, who headed up Indiana’s Interconnect study, we can learn about the innovation cluster that has grown up along this corridor and is now gaining recognition and 21st Century Research and Technology funds.

When will Hoosiers move back to the central cities? Not right now, if the latest county population estimates are any indication. The continuation of movement to the suburbs is something long reported in these pages and our new economic and demographic analyst, Vince Thompson, tackles these new numbers with the analytical gusto befitting a member of the IBRC staff.

Getting inside the mind of Indiana CEOs may seem a daunting task, but one that has been tackled head-on by faculty at Purdue. This is a must-read summary of their results and we also provide a web link to the complete study.

Looking for the latest job numbers or other economic data? Be sure to turn to the many publications and websites of the Indiana Business Research Center at www.ibrc.indiana.edu, the web portal to our research and data. —COR