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Executive Editor, Carol O. Rogers
Managing Editor, Brittany L. Hotchkiss

Fall 2003

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Mothers of Invention: Women in Technology
By Jennifer A. Kurtz

Innovative Women
Sidebar to "Mothers of Invention"

Hoosier Women in High-Tech Jobs
By Carol O. Rogers

The Hoosier Melting Pot Continues to Simmer
By Jerry N. Conover

Midwest Sees Lower Cost of Living
By Morton J. Marcus

For the Record

As we push ahead into the twenty-first century, women are tackling science and technology in new ways and in greater numbers. Jennifer Kurtz, winner of the Barnes & Thornburg 2003 High Tech Woman of the Year award, looks at the past and present involvement of women in science and innovation. A brief follow-up article shows the current numbers of Hoosier women working in life sciences and technology jobs.

Providing us with a current picture of recent change in Indiana’s demographics is the Indiana Business Research Center’s new director, Jerry Conover, with his narrative and graphic view of the population estimates produced by the Census Bureau and officially reviewed by the IBRC.

And to wrap up, Morton Marcus picks clean the bones of consumer price data and shows that where you live does indeed make a difference in costs, complete with a special menu. —COR