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Spring 2009

Spring 2009 Indiana Business Review
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The Two-Sided Coin: Casino Gaming and Casino Tax Revenue in Indiana
By Jim Landers, Ph.D.

Future Casino Tax Yields: What Recent Trends in Casino Wagering and Attendance Suggest
By Jim Landers, Ph.D.

From the Editor

Almost everyone does it. Gambling, that is. According to the Pew Research Center, nearly everyone gambles to some extent or another. And nearly all states have legalized it, according to the American Gaming Association. Nearly all states support gambling of one kind or another. Why? To paraphrase a long-extinct presidential campaign (think 1990s), "it's the economy, stupid!" Once that first state took the gamble on legalized gaming, there was little doubt most states would jump into the river of chips.

As Dr. Landers points out for us in his first of two articles in this issue, Indiana entered the gaming world twenty years ago with the lottery, followed soon by casinos, and gaming has provided Indiana with a rising stream of revenue ever since. The first of Landers' articles describes the structure of casino gaming, while the second considers the trends in gaming revenue and its prospects for the future, even during our current economic recession.

–Carol O. Rogers, Executive Editor