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Knowledge-Based and Skill-Based Clusters

Cluster Number Type Cluster Title
01 Knowledge-based Arts, Entertainment and Broadcasting Specialists and Management
02 Knowledge-based Engineering, Architecture and Related Disciplines
03 Knowledge-based Finance, Legal, and Real Estate
04 Knowledge-based Health Care: Life and Medical  Scientists
05 Knowledge-based Health Care: Medical Practitioners and Scientists
06 Knowledge-based Health Care: Nurses and Specialized Care Delivery
07 Knowledge-based Health Care: Therapy, Counseling and Rehabilitation
08 Knowledge-based Information Management and Computing
09 Knowledge-based Managerial, Sales, Marketing and Human Resources
10 Knowledge-based Mathematics, Statistics, Data Analysis and Accounting
11 Knowledge-based Natural Sciences and Environmental Management
12 Knowledge-based Postsecondary Education and Knowledge Creation
13 Knowledge-based Primary, Secondary and Vocational Education, Remediation and Social Services
14 Knowledge-based STEM and Applied Science Technicians
15 Knowledge-based Transportation, Logistics and Planning
16 Skill-based Administration and Office Support
17 Skill-based Artisans, Craftsman, Designers, including Performance
18 Skill-based Attendants and General Services
19 Skill-based Construction Trades
20 Skill-based Facility, Plant and Large Equipment Operators and Technicians
21 Skill-based Financial, Legal and Inspection Services, Support
22 Skill-based Food Preparation and Service
23 Skill-based Health Care: Therapists, Technicians and Aides
24 Skill-based Machinists and Skilled Operators and Tenders
25 Skill-based Managers and First-line Supervisors
26 Skill-based Mechanics and Repair Technicians
27 Skill-based Media, Web Development and Programming
28 Skill-based Personal Services
29 Skill-based Production Operators and Tenders
30 Skill-based Production, General
31 Skill-based Safety, Security and Emergency
32 Skill-based Sales, Agents, Brokers and Customer Relations, Support
33 Skill-based Transportation Equipment Operators
34 Skill-based Transportation, Logistics and Dispatch, Support

Source: Indiana Business Research Center