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Executive Editor, Carol O. Rogers
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From the Editor

Executive Editor, Indiana Business Research Center, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Work, work, work—and workforce. That’s what our fall issue is all about and it is great stuff! Matt Kinghorn, state demographer and workforce analyst, gives us all plenty to think on with his insights on the ups and downs of jobs and industries. His focus, though, rests on giving us critical insights into specific Indiana industries that have a competitive advantage—the ones that rebounded faster or have come from behind to take the lead in job growth. Be certain to read through to the end and pay special attention to the gems embedded in those tables and graphs. It could be the next best thing to getting stock tips.

The next article puts the spotlight on licensing and certification data collected year after year, day in and day out by a relatively new data agency in Indiana government: the Public Licensing Agency. Through collaboration with another great data agency, the Department of Workforce Development, a new set of data has been constructed out of what is already collected, with no additional burden on anyone. You have to love this most pragmatic of Hoosier approaches—let’s use what we’ve got and learn from it. Can you tell we love data? Enjoy the fall and our Fall issue!