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Executive Editor, Carol O. Rogers
Managing Editor, Brittany L. Hotchkiss

Summer 2004

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How We Got Here from There: A Chronology of Indiana Property Tax Laws
By Dagney Faulk

Double-Edged Sword: Personal Income As a Measure of Indiana's Wellbeing
By Morton J. Marcus

Demographics and Housing Information from the American Community Survey
By Carol O. Rogers

Growth in Housing Units: Percent Change, April 2000 to July 2003

For the Record

Every Action Has an Equal and Opposite Reaction?
In 1998, the Supreme Court of Indiana declared Indiana’s real property (land and buildings) tax assessment rules to be unconstitutional. New rules went into effect with the 2003 assessment of property. Once taxing districts determined their levies and set their tax rates, property tax bills were sent out to homeowners in most counties. But Newton’s third law of motion may also hold true with tax laws, as there have been some opposite reactions to the change in the assessment practices (perhaps most notably in Lake County). Professor Dagney Faulk has researched and eloquently documented three decades of Indiana property tax law changes to help us put this issue into a historical context, which this editor hopes will be read far and wide and also fi nd its way into important historical archives. Other articles in this issue provide our readers with insights on the pros and cons of our personal income gains and losses and a brief look at current demographic and housing data from a new federal survey initiative called the American Community Survey. —COR