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Outlook 2004

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The Big Picture

Outlook for 2004
By R. Jeffery Green

The U.S. Economy
By Willard E. Witte

The International Economy
By Andreas Hauskrecht

Financial Forecast
By John A. Boquist and
William L. Sartoris

By Jeffrey D. Fisher

Corporate Governance and Reporting
By Gilbert F. Viets

By Jerry N. Conover and
James C. Smith

Indiana Metro Areas

By Barry C. Ritchey

By Morton J. Marcus

By James C. Smith

By M. Gale Blalock

Fort Wayne
By Thomas L. Guthrie

By Donald A. Coffin

By Morton J. Marcus

By Kathy Parkison

By Carol O. Rogers

By Patrick M. Barkey

New Albany
By Dagney Faulk

By Ashton I. Veramallay

South Bend/Mishawaka and Elkhart/Goshen
By Paul A. Joray and
Paul S. Kochanowski

Terre Haute
By Carol O. Rogers


Outlook Summary for 2004

For the Record

War. Capture. Plant closings. The digital economy. Flu. Life sciences. An aging baby-boom. Prescription drug bill. A beloved Governor dies. An ex-POW takes the reigns. Morton Marcus “retires” after three decades of service to Indiana, but continues to expound on the good and bad about our state. What a year 2003 has been. What ups and downs will 2004 bring? These pages can’t provide an answer to that question. But a cadre of economists provide us with insights into what 2004 will bring in terms of economic growth—worldwide, nationally, and within the environs of Indiana itself. These experts from our institutions of higher education bring a wealth of expertise to the question of how the economy will perform in the coming year as we work through what is dubbed the jobless recovery, a phrase that evokes both concern and optimism. Read on and learn what 2004 may bring.

Please note that more information on the Lafayette and Terre Haute economies is available on the Web at www.ibrc.indiana.edu/ibr. Your comments are most welcome. —COR