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Executive Editor, Carol O. Rogers
Managing Editor, Brittany L. Hotchkiss

Outlook 2003

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The Big Picture

Outlook for 2003
By R. Jeffery Green

The U.S. Economy
By Willard E. Witte

The International Economy
By Andreas Hauskrecht

Financial Forecast
By Robert S. Neal and
William L. Sartoris

By Jeffrey D. Fisher

By Morton J. Marcus

Indiana Metro Areas

By Barry C. Ritchey

By Thayr Richey

By James C. Smith

By M. Gale Blalock

Fort Wayne
By Thomas L. Guthrie

By Donald L. Coffin

By Morton J. Marcus

By Kathy Parkison

By Carol O. Rogers

By Patrick M. Barkey

New Albany
By Dagney Faulk

By Ashton I. Veramallay

South Bend/Mishawaka and Elkhart/Goshen
By Paul A. Joray


Outlook Summary for 2003

For the Record

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are one hundred economists in the state of Indiana. A quick perusal of the Economists@Indiana University web page reveals forty-four economists on the Bloomington campus of Indiana University alone, with at least six more at the various other IU campuses. Therefore, an astounding 50 percent of the state's economists are part of the Indiana University network. What better testament that both the Annual Outlook Tour (since 1972) and the annual outlook edition of the IBR originate from this university?

Revealed within these pages are closely observed details on the entire spectrum of economies affecting Hoosiers. The authors have spent considerable time researching and analyzing past economic events in order to forecast what we may face in the next year.

A talented cadre of economic experts share their expertise with the citizens of Indiana in broad (the tour traveled to ten Hoosier cites in just two weeks) and accessible ways (the written forecasts appear in print and on the web), making significant and noteworthy contributions to this state and its economic development. —COR