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Timothy F. Slaper

Director of Economic Analysis


Dr. Slaper {slay-per} leads a research team engaged in industry and workforce analysis, economic impact studies, regional economic analyses, demographic estimates and projections, trade and foreign investment analysis, measuring innovation, measuring educational performance and researching economic growth.

In the last several months, the IBRC released the reports “Global Positioning” that documents Indiana’s export growth over the last decade and “Capturing the Flag” that chronicles the state’s track record for attracting foreign direct investment. Also focused on Indiana exports is the report “Mind the Gap” that identifies the Hoosier industries that may be under-exporting relative to the performance of the country as a whole and produced a database of small and medium-size enterprises that may be well-served by efforts to encourage exports.

In the fall of 2011, the research team wrapped up research on developing alternative career pathways for workers displaced during the Great Recession and its aftermath. The project—“Driving Change”—was a part of a collaboration with the labor information office in the Indiana Department of Workforce Development and sister agencies in Michigan and Ohio.

The IBRC also publishes the Leading Index for Indiana (LII) in the third week of each month. The LII is similar to the leading economic index for the country, but is designed to reflect the particular structure of the Indiana economy. Like the majority of IBRC work that Timothy oversees, the goal is to put analytical tools and practical research into the hands of economic development practitioners to help them answer the fundamental questions underlying economic development in today's rapidly changing world.

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Before joining the IBRC, Timothy served as Senior Economist on the Joint Economic Committee of Congress researching topics such as the effect of high energy prices on economic output and the effectiveness of investment incentives in encouraging economic growth. He cut his teeth as an economist at the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.

Timothy earned his doctorate in economics at The American University in Washington DC. He is also an alumnus of Miami University in Oxford Ohio.