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From the Editor

Executive Editor, Indiana Business Research Center, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University

Keen attention is paid to the latest job numbers—often immediately followed by dismay at the continuing unemployment and lack of new jobs. Both articles in this issue of the IBR focus on jobs. Tim Slaper reveals a new way of approaching a career: pathway clusters. The principle is pretty simple: job seekers will seek and be most productive in jobs that are most similar to the ones they lost and the pathway cluster results in many possible job targets, not just one.

And speaking of job loss, State Demographer Matt Kinghorn gives us a close-up at migration findings, taking us on a statewide journey across population-losing counties and population-gainers. The evidence seems clear that many of our industrial-based older communities have seen people move away after jobs were lost. Will we continue to see such patterns of migration, loss and gain? Matt is also working on our first set of Indiana and county population projections (by age, race and sex) for the 2010s; look for those in our Spring issue.