99 years of economic insights for Indiana

The IBR is a publication of the Indiana Business Research Center at IU's Kelley School of Business.

Executive Editor, Carol O. Rogers
Managing Editor, Brittany L. Hotchkiss

From the Editor

Three powerfully informative articles are yours to read and share in this issue of the IBR. The first article unveils a first—the first leading index of economic indicators for Indiana. Authors Slaper and Cohen have designed what I like to call an early warning system, a data-driven model that may help Hoosiers be a bit more prepared when things get better or worse in the Indiana economy. The second article, by labor economist Andy Zehner, reveals some hard facts about the continuing decline of Hoosier incomes relative to the U.S. And last (certainly not least) economist Tim Slaper gives direction on defining “green jobs” and recommends ways to ensure we can measure the influence of greening on the economy in Indiana and at large.

Did you know that the IBR has been in continuous publication for eighty-four years, covering fifteen recessions? As one of the longest running print publications in the state, we wanted to digitize those treasures that have monitored the economy and population trends of Hoosiers before, during and after fifteen economic recessions. Currently, we have scanned back to 1987 and will keep adding to those archives . You can currently view over twenty years of the IBR online (click on Archives) where we all may learn that the more things change in our economy, the more they stay the same.

–Carol O. Rogers, Executive Editor