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Summer 2007

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The Professional and Business Services Sector: Employment Changes Across Indiana Metros
By Uric Dufrene and James Altmann

Nanotechnology: Breaking Through the Next Big Frontier of Knowledge
By Joseph Kennedy

From the Editors

Think services and think small. As the Indiana Business Review continues its eighty-second year of continuous publication, economists from distinctly different parts of the country bring us two distinctly different slices of our economic world. The first provides a richly detailed trend analysis of the professional and business services sectors in Indiana and the Midwest, while the other exposes us to the small new world of nanotechnology.

The term nano comes from the Greek meaning dwarf. In modern science, it means one-billionth and specific to nanotechnology (think very, very small) it denotes one-billionth of a meter. Seen by many as the future of technology, nanotech can endow materials with the characteristics of small, fast, and strong. Economist Joe Kennedy tells us the story of this new technology and explains what it will bring to the global economy as nations compete to become leaders in this new frontier.

Economists Uric Dufrene and James Altmann give us a clear and insightful analysis of the professional and business services sector. Spanning sixteen years, we are given a detailed and graphic analysis of Indiana and its metropolitan areas’ growth in professional and business services, providing intriguing evidence that focusing on these services can also promote growth in other sectors.