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Spring 2006

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Where Does the Money Go?
By Morton J. Marcus

Refining Measures of Economic Stability: The 2005 Self-Sufficiency Standard for Indiana
By Jill Nielsen-Farrell

Not All Hoosiers on Level ‘Paying’ Field

With the cost of gasoline well above $2 a gallon, increases in home heating bills and the concomitant price increases in food and health care, the cost of living is an ever-present issue for many Hoosier families. This first issue of the IBR in 2006 focuses on consumer behavior with a graphically punctuated and wryly insightful article by Morton Marcus. We follow that with a further exploration of self-sufficiency standards and the work done by the Indiana Institute for Working Families, which includes comparisons to the methods used in the metropolitan area-focused standards published in last fall’s IBR. Both articles shed light on the important need to better measure and reflect the actual costs for a family to be financially independent.
—Carol O. Rogers