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Fall 2004

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Business Income Taxes in Indiana: Who Pays?
By Dagney Faulk and Jim Landers

Calculating Income Tax Liability
and Indiana’s Tax Restructuring of 2002
Sidebars to "Business Income Taxes in Indiana: Who Pays?"

What Is the Economic Base of This Place?
By Morton J. Marcus

Suburbs Diversify: Population Change in Racial and Hispanic Composition
By Carol O. Rogers

Diversity by the Numbers: Population Growth by County, April 2000 to July 2003
Two Nationwide Maps

For the Record

In the last issue of the IBR (Summer 2004), we exulted that the American Community Survey (ACS) would begin full implementation nationwide and throughout all Indiana counties this fall. Well, we spoke too soon. The ACS is in jeopardy. Full funding for implementing this long-awaited and congressionally (and budget) driven method of providing consistent and more frequent long-form data to Americans is being siphoned away for other causes, the worthiness of which I am not judging. However, if America is to embrace the knowledge economy, it also needs to support the very knowledge we need for our communities in order to stay relevant and plan strategically.

Some may say it is “just data.” But it isn’t. It is the foundation for thousands of daily business, government and education decisions. It is the basis on which we evaluate the effectiveness of our government spending, determine the most needy of our citizens or communities, and target resources rather than shooting at them with blinders on. Data—and census data in particular—are the keystone of our knowledge economy. That keystone may be unwittingly yanked out. Further information on this issue can be found at www.sdcbidc.iupui.edu. —COR