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Summer 2002

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Indiana Makes Progress on the Educational Attainment Gap
By Morton J. Marcus

Educational Attainment and Our Neighboring States
By Carol O. Rogers

Learn More, Earn More
By Carol O. Rogers

Census Facts Revealed
By Carol O. Rogers

Higher Education in the U.S.
A Map of the United States

A Closer Look: Percent of Adults 25 and Older with a Bachelor's Degree
A Map of Indiana Townships

For the Record

The educational level of our workforce is rightly considered one of the most important elements in building and sustaining a strong economy. Thanks to the largest and most comprehensive survey in America, the 2000 Census, we now have information that can help us measure the educational attainment of Hoosiers and make informed decisions about their educational needs and our institutions. Because of the standardized and comprehensive nature of the census, which spans geographic borders and time, we can measure our progress and compare ourselves to others. We will continue to research and publish results of Census 2000 as part of the Census Bureau's national partnership program, with the support of the State of Indiana through the Indiana Department of Commerce. —COR